Technology and Education

According to the video, Iowa, Did You Know?  more people have access to a mobile phone than a clean toilet! This fact alone shows how important technology has become in today’s world.

I believe that there really is no excuse for not integrating technology into our curriculum. Technology is quickly growing and changing. The benefits of technology are exponentially increasing. We can so easily connect to people on the other side of the planet. So, why not use this to our advantage? Why not get new, different ideas from other educators? Why shouldn’t students get the opportunity to use technology while learning?

In reference to the blog, 14 Things That are Obsolete in 21st Century Schools, I do agree with the author’s list of things that have become obsolete. My only concern would relate to phones/tablets in the classroom, and whether or not students would be using them for educational reasons.  I could see how they could be a distraction. The students would have to agree to use them properly while in class. Phones/tablets are very useful, and students are familiar with the technology. Their use would allow teachers to spend less time explaining the use of the technology and give the students more time to learn.

Some of the ideas that I really liked were the idea of a technology co-ordinator that understands what technology is needed and can help teachers with it.  Also, the idea of having students design marketing materials for the school is fantastic! This will give students real world experience, and it would help to save the school money. Everyone wins in this situation. Collaboration and real world connections provide great, memorable learning experiences for students.

Overall, technology and education must go hand in hand. The world will continue to advance technologically, and students will become more and more technologically savvy. It’s up to the education system to decide if it will grow or be left behind.



3 responses to “Technology and Education

  1. Danielle,

    I like how you brought up your concern about about cell phones/tablets in the classroom and if students will be using them for educational purposes. As I read that the same question came to my mind. But then I started thinking if students where properly taught how to use this technology in the classroom maybe it can work and be beneficial in the classroom setting. Just like anything else we as educators do we have to teach our expectations for the use of those kinds of technologies in the classroom.

    In my opinion right now the education system is getting left behind or is just very slowly trying to catch up. What do you think about this?


    • Hi Ashley,
      Thanks for replying 🙂 To answer your question, in my opinion, the education system is struggling to keep/catch up. I feel this is due to a lack of funding in many areas and some educators, who feel technology isn’t important. I think we need to keep pushing in order for the education system not to get left behind and remain relevant.
      Thank you,


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