Digital Storytelling in My Classroom

After thinking and doing some further research into digital storytelling, I decided the best use for my students would be retelling a story. There are so many kindergarten examples on the internet! My students absolutely love to do anything that involves technology. One of the best examples I saw was where students created pictures using paint and told their part of the story over it. Another alternative would be to have students draw out the pictures and scan them into the computer.

Allowing students to do this project would hit on several kindergarten reading standards and necessary skills. Students would practice retelling, using pictures to add information, and they would also be able to practice fine motor skills. Using technology is another important kindergarten skill. As students progress on, technology will continue to be more present, and using it now will be extremely beneficial for them.

There are some  suggestions that I would make for students. I would recommend the use of Prezi, Pixie, iMovie or Moviemaker. These programs I have found to be very user friendly. This project would require parent or teacher support. Students would need help, but I would want them to come up with ideas on their own.

Parents and students would also benefit from an example of the desired project. Many parents (and my students) would be new to the idea of digital storytelling. The example would help to prevent frustration. Overall, I think this would be a useful assignment for students, because it is interactive and authentic.


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