Digital Storytelling Example

This digital story was created using Prezi. It is intended for Kindergarten aged students learning about living and non living things in science. Please view the presentation and let me know your feedback 🙂

Thank you!

Living & Non Living Things


6 responses to “Digital Storytelling Example

  1. Hi Danielle!,
    I really enjoyed your digital storytelling, it was very engaging, entertaining and fun. You used very nice pictures that draw the student’s attention and the information was very appropriate for the age level. The Kindergartners will love to see this in the classroom and they will learn a lot because it will be an experience that they won’t forget. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Danielle, thanks for posting this story. I watched this with my three year old son and he was definitely engaged throughout the story. He was asking me what each thing was through the presentation and he liked watching each of the included videos. Even though he’s still a couple of years away from Kindergarten I felt like he was a reasonable benchmark and so this is definitely a good story for the intended audience. I do have a few minor criticisms. First, you have a few places where the text goes over where the text bubble indicates, that will definitely be confusing for the audience who is learning to read. There is also some text with a white font on a whitish background that even I couldn’t read. ☺ Also some of the pictures wrap over the text making it hard to understand. Finally I really liked how you talked about living things having needs, if I recall a K-1 Common Core requirement is understanding the difference between wants and needs, it would be awesome if you could add that element to this so you could also hit a common core standard as well as tell a story!

    Great job overall Danielle, I think if you clean up those little things this would be a great story! Thanks for posting it.


    • Blaine,
      Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely get those issues fixed. Thank you so much for that brining to my attention. Yes, there is also a standard for needs and wants. It would be great to hit a social studies standard along with science. Again, thank you!


  3. I really enjoyed your digital story. It was inviting and engaging. It included a variety of pictures and a good use of color. It was definitely age appropriate

    I usually prefer digital stories with audio. However, this one really worked well without that component. There is nothing I would change. It looks great


    • Tamara,
      Thank you for your feedback! I went back and forth deciding to add audio or not. I decided to let my students try to read the info first. If it proves to be too hard, I will add the audio:)


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