Course Thoughts

As this course comes to an end, there are a several things that I’ve realized and learned. I think they are important to share.

First, it takes a lot of work and planning to find images that do not belong to someone else or require a lengthy process to be able to use them. I found that it works best if I use my own personal pictures. This way students are exposed to authentic photos of animals, people, etc. I also find that it helps me to connect more to assignments that I am doing/creating for my students.

Second, I am not a huge fan of Excel. I struggled with the assignment using Excel as a gradebook. Therefore, I am grateful for the online software that my school district uses in order for us to input grades. I am becoming more familiar with Excel, but still not a fan 🙂 For some reason, I am confused by it. I was tasked with creating a “team” spreadsheet for my grade level at work, and I was proud of myself for doing it. This course has pushed me in the direction of learning a program, that I haven’t been the best at…I am thankful for this.

Finally, I learned that I really like digital storytelling. I had not had much, if any, exposure to it before this semester. For both of my courses I created digital stories. I now see the importance of this in the classroom. I will definitely begin to use this in my classroom, and I would like to have my kindergarteners create their own digital stories this year. I think a great starting point will be for students to create their own personal story, and then we can progress into something more complex.

Overall, I really enjoyed the course and what I have learned from it. I am still hoping for additional help creating K level rubrics for the students to read/understand themselves…if you have any suggestions 🙂


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